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CPAP Support Groups



One of the most challenging aspects of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)  therapy is the struggle to maintain compliance. We get it, wearing a mask that constantly blows air into your lungs (no matter how gently) can be difficult to get used to, especially if you are alone in your therapy. 

At SomnoSure, we realize that our job doesn't end when patients walk out of the doors with their CPAP equipment. Roughly 55% of people given CPAP therapy to treat their disorder abandon treatment after just a few weeks. Rather than help improve the sleep and health of a patient, many machines end up in a closet collecting dust. The most common complaint among those that abandon therapy is that it was just too difficult.

At SomnoSure, we take a different approach to CPAP therapy. We offer portable monitoring on our machines so that our technologists can remotely monitor patient's CPAP compliance. In this way we can not only tell if a patient is using their device, but if they are getting the most out of it as well.

We also keep track of when your masks, humidifiers, filters, machines, and other accessories need to be replaced to ensure maximum comfort during your therapy.

But still, all of these extra measures that we take only gets us up to about 85% overall compliance. And while that number is much higher than the national average, it's still not enough. We want to see 100% compliance in our patients.

That's why SomnoSure is looking to start regular CPAP Support Groups in the various communities that we have patients in.

What you can expect at a CPAP support group

Support groups are a great place for patients, doctors, technologists, and CPAP manufacturer representatives to get together to help struggling patients understand that they can maintain therapy.

We plan to have local doctors attend so that they can answer health related questions about the dangers of untreated sleep apnea.

Sleep technologists will be available to discuss testing procedures, mask fitting demos, and more.

Representatives from major CPAP equipment manufacturers can attend to show the latest products and features of their equipment as well as to give detailed information about the various devices they offer.

But the real magic of CPAP support groups is the patients. New patients can attend and get the extra help, guidance, and assurances they need to get motivated to continue therapy. Seasoned patients can help those struggling by offering advice, tips and tricks, and share their own stories about their struggles wearing CPAP. Even those that are too embarrassed to discuss these issues with their friends or loved ones enjoy participating and listening to others with similar issues.

Start a CPAP support group in your community

Creating a community of CPAP users that understand the difficulty faced in treating their disorder can work wonders on helping uplift others that are struggling with similar issues. Solidarity is one of the most driving forces for any movement.

Help us start a movement in your community and get connected with other CPAP users. Fill out the form on the right to express your interest in a CPAP support group, and we'll work hard to build a CPAP support group in your area.