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Sleep Study Scoring Services

sleep study scoring services


At SomnoSure we are experts in the industry when it comes to scoring sleep studies. In fact, we were one of the original providers of national contracted polysomnogram (psg) scoring services. Our staff has been providing scoring services when it was still performed on ink and paper!

Rest assured that we have progressed as fast as our industry. Our founder, Kevin Asp was featured in industry magazines, such as Sleep Review the Journal for Sleep Specialists, and The A2Zzz Publication highlighting these types of services. 

Who scores the sleep studies?

SomnoSure uses only RPSGT sleep technologists. All studies are scored manually according to your facilities protocols. They all undergo monthly Interscorer Reliability testing which ensures that we are currently scoring studies according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) standard.


Types of Sleep Studies Scored (Polysomnogram and Home Sleep Test)

We provide scoring service for all types of settings. From a full Polysomnogram (PSG) to Home Sleep Tests (HST). Our staff manually scores each and every record (including the HST) per AASM recommendations:

  • Full and split-night polysomnograms (PSGs)
  • Positive pressure titrations (CPAP, BiPAP and ASV)
  • Multiple sleep latency tests (MSLTs)
  • Maintenance of wakefulness tests (MWTs)
  • PSG with extended EEGs
  • Home Sleep Tests

How Much Does Our Scoring Services Cost:

If your looking for the lowest price in the industry and are willing to have someone in India score your studies, well then we are probably not a good fit. We employ only the best of the best, but our prices are still competitive to other U.S. based operations. Our prices are based on a 48 business hour turn around. See the pricing below...yep, we put the pricing right out there!

  • All PSG's:  45.00/study

  • Home Sleep Tests: 20.00/study

  • Same Day STAT scoring: 5 free per month....10.00/record >5 per month


Other Freemium Features of Our PSG Scoring Services:

  • No up front setup fees

  • 90 day data archival

  • No minimum volume required

  • No cancellation fees

Call us today at 314-842-2884 to get started today!


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