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Hear what others are saying about SomnoSure and CPAP Therapy

testimonials-250I am so glad I finally had a home sleep test. I was feeling tired all the time, and it was really starting to affect my work and home life. I was also snoring loudly and having headaches in the morning. After a little research I learned about all the health risks of having untreated sleep apnea and decided to have something done about it. Now, after being on CPAP for 6 months, my only regret is not having a home sleep test done sooner. I'm sleeping great, I feel awake during the day, and my job and family life are reaping the benefits from it. I have never felt better.

––Roger T.

My wife was really concerned about my snoring. She said I would stop breathing during sleep and start coughing and choking before I began breathing again. I honestly only had my home sleep apnea test to put her mind at ease. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and began CPAP treatment that I realized that I had forgotten what a good night's sleep was supposed to feel like. CPAP changed my life.

––Jason B.

The staff at SomnoSure were amazing. When I came in during the day, they gave me my home sleep device for the night and did a great job showing me how to use it. After my diagnosis was positive for sleep apnea, they helped me pick out a mask that actually felt comfortable enough to sleep with every night. They even called me after a few weeks to see how I was adjusting to my therapy. It's really refreshing to have health professionals that actually care about their patients after they walk out of the door.

––Paul S.

I really didn't like the idea of having to spend the night in a strange place to have a sleep study. Luckily my doctor told me I was able to have my test done at home. It was really easy. The people at SomnoSure gave me the home sleep test device and told me how to use it. The test was pretty much like a normal night at home except I had a few extra things to wear. It was nothing compared to all the wires and gear I had seen in a laboratory test. In the morning I dropped the test off at the office, and was given my diagnosis a week later.  

––Martin J.


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