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The New York Times Features SomnoSure In A Post By Aetna

SomnoSure was recently part of an article in the New York Times posted by Aetna. We are excited to contribute to this article and thought we'd share a link to it here and a couple snip bits from the article below.The New York Times Features SomnoSure In A Post By Aetna

Dreams and Reality Whys Sleep Matters

In the opening section, our Medical Director, Anthony Masi is quoted as saying: 

"Sleep is a time when our body restores damaged, worn cells and tissues, says Dr. Masi. It’s also when our brain, and other bodily systems, recharge — like a biological battery. And it’s when our minds process experiences, emotions and memories of the preceding day, he adds."

“Sleep isn’t strictly for just resting your body or making you feel more alert when you’re awake,” he adds. “It’s also very involved in areas like memory consolidation and keeping the brain alive by cleaning out the buildup of waste that accumulates during our waking hours.”

Later in the article the President and CEO of SomnoSure, Kevin Asp is quoted as saying “I consider sleep as one of the three pillars of health: you have diet, exercise and sleep. That’s how important it is” 

New York Times Article of Dreams and Reality




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